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June 2012 - Day 2 - The Man with the bow and arrow.

Day 2 ... That man with the bow and arrow !

So, fully prepared with my earplugs, I still managed to wake up at 4am local time, due to the excitement of the holiday. Tossing and turning and trying not to be a pain to "she who must be obeyed" I rolled out around 6am to explore. I jumped again into the pool, still marvelling how they can make a shallow end 7 feet deep, and did a couple of laps. Flopping onto the daybed I logged onto my phone using the wifi and checked whats happening in the world.

Breakfast First Dau 

As the rest arose, I headed down the "gang" to see what else was going on in the street. There is a pretty cool little temple overgrown with weeds, another set of newer smaller villas and a small active stream of murky brown water. Villa Bugis owns one side of the road, and then down the middle, there is a small paddock with 2 cows, numerous cute, but vicious' puppies (more on that later) and LOTS of roosters. Those BLOODY roosters!

About this time, Mr 'Nappy Man' as he will be forever remembered, started a small fire at the top of the gang to burn his rubbish off. Including his childs dirty nappies. Ummmm The smoke was very effective at keeping the Mozzies at bay, and most of Seminyak in their homes....*cough cough*

The 2 lovely Villa staff came in at 8am and prepared a gorgeous breakky of Bacon, eggs, sausage, fresh fruits etc. It really makes a difference having someone do this in a morning and is well worth the price of the Villa in itself.

The 4 of us then headed out for our first day of adventures. The girls wanted a 'fish spa" and pedicure, so the hunt was on. We headed towards Seminyak Square gorking at the restaurants yet to open, and the myriad of boutiques and shops. The variety of clothes is mind blowing, so much more than Phuket (our next fave spot). A quick coffee at Bali bakery and the girls were at Carla Spa for their treatments. Andrew and I took off down the road to try and find the beach. Access seems to be via Ku De ta, but that was shut for some large charity event. The Oberoi had a stern looking guard who directed us left down what looked like a small walled path next to the resort. NOW... This is where I got totally confused. We walked and walked and could not find a way through to the beach. How the hell are you supposed to get there ? We walked past a heap of Villa complexes, some of which we had considered, and in hindsight so glad not to have chosen due to the location away from "eat street". Eventually we found a way through and popped out south of the Oberoi.

Seminyak Beach

WOW... Now thats a beach! Wide, not covered in chairs, and amazing breakers with an offshore breeze keeping us comfortable. We got the occasional hassle from a vendor here or there, but most, seemed content to leave us alone after we simply said " Tidak" to them.

We found a path at the back of the beach and kept going south. Managed to stumble upon "La Plancha" on the beach. What a really cool place. We had 2 icy icy cold Bintags (it was just after 11am) and sat and looked out to sea. This chap carrying a compound Bow and a quiver full of metal tipped arrows was hassling everyone to buy one from him. NOW... Here I was, getting my "bintang buzz' and wondering 1.) if it would fit into my luggage, and 2.) what the hell customs would charge me with if they found it! :) Its only as I sit the next morning writing this, do I realise what the bow and arrows are for.....TO KILL THE BLOODY ROOSTERS !!!!

La Plancha Menu

We kept going south, trying to find a way off the beach to get a taxi back to the girls. We'd been gone over an hour, so we were due back. A road appeared next to 'cocoon" and I guessed this was the famous " Double 6". We haggled with a non official taxi driver and managed to get a ride back to the Square for 30K in a nice van. Funnily enough the dodgy blokes werent interested at that price. The place is still not busy, so I assumed they would jump at the chance?

The girls were just finishing up, and at a cost of 190K for 2 of them, it was an absoute bargain. We decided to head into Seminyak Square and go upstairs to a cafe for a Sate and a couple of "Binnies" each. Lunch was lovely, and the peanut sauce on my Sate Beef was to die for. Andrew had Nasi Campur and was happy as well, and the girls both had the Chicken Sate. 2 Binnies in and we are all feeling quite happy on being in Bali!

The decision was made to go to Bintang Supermarket and stock up for the week. Into a Bluebird cab and off down Seminyak Road we go. Bintang kind of reminded me of the 80's, and its never stepped away from it. Busy, trashy, CHEAP and it had everything we needed to make our week a ton of fun and keep us entertained. The only thing we didnt find was pool lilos to save us from drowning. Back in a non official cab, negotiated to 25K for the trip for the 4 and we were back at the Villa for the afternoon.

Now... because we had mixers for the duty free, I decided to give it a 'bit of a nudge'. Pouring doubles for the girls then saw them around the pool topless amusing the guys working on the Hi-rise thats now at the end of the Gang. It was all fun, till one guy, decided AFTER knockoff time to just 'hang around' waving....... creepy........ But hey, we have our own security at the Villa, and I am sure by tomorrow he will be selling tickets to all his mates anyways. I best go collect my commission as I was the one pouring the booze.

The rest of the team decided to have 'nanna naps'. All liquoured up, I wrote my blog for the day before and just hung around the pool relaxing. Its so so peaceful when the bloody roosters have decided to shut up for the day. I spotted a couple of puppies walking in our Villa yard, so decided to go investigate. They were SOOOOOOOOOOO cute... THEN as I got close, both decided to gang up on me and corralled me into a corner and bark like 2 banshees. Mr Security, runs into the yard to see me, in my speedos (and I am VERY white right now).. running at 2 little puppies trying to shoo them towards a hole on the gate, and he then sides with me and we herd the little buggers out. I am not sure WHAT he did then, but all I heard was 2 dogs racing off yelping like someone had just set their tails on fire. I doubt they will be back.

Time for dinner, and we decided something close and simple tonight. 200M from our door 'Cafe Bali' was reccommended by one of our drivers. Its funny, as its the only place on TA that I hadnt checked out. The setting is gorgeous, the service efficient, without being intrusive. The servings were not large by any standard, but the quality was great. I had the Tahitian fish salad (like a Spanish Cervice), More sate (trying to eat at least 20 sticks a day) and a yummy Chocolate mousse for dessert. Litsa had the Salmon along with Andrew, and Kathrine had the dutch croquettes. Her chips were awesome, and tasted like chips cooked in real LARD, not just vegetable oil. We had a mix of desserts, at least 2 cocktails each, which were full strength (Holy hell they were strong) and the bill was just on AUS$24 each... truly, I just LOVE this country.

Whilst ducking out for a cigarette (I cant cope with smoking at the table, like they do here), I got into a discussion on the merits and pricing of Viagra with one of the pushy blokes on the street. I don't think he realises he is WAYYYYY out on his pricing!! even with haggling. Or so I heard anyways :)

We went in and out of a couple of empty boutiques (its still quite slow here) and then headed home. I did manage to buy the spouse a bracelet and necklace that caught her eye for AUS$12. So back into the good books after annoying her all afternoon with trying to get her tipsy :)

Our heads hit the pillow and ZONK... out

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... THOSE DAMN ROOSTERS !!!

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