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Bali June 2013 - Day 10 - Sushi, Kuta, Drag Queens.

Bali June 2013 - Day 10 - Sushi, Kuta, Drag Queens.

Not a huge reporting day today. Its now on the downhill slide to going home on Friday night. You can see everyones mind is tweaking towards the reality of winter and work back home. And to be honest, that truly sucks. For a couple of minutes yesterday, I was actually trying to work out how to stay another week. Alas, that simply is not going to happen.

Litsa, myself, Scott and Karen headed off on the bikes to have breakfast in Drupadi. Litsa did manage to get her Nasi Goreng, but they didnt out an egg on top, so she was out of sorts again early ! We ate at the Aussie Bush Bar ??  I think ??  The menu might be worth a look for dinner, but their breakfasts were awful and their coffee the worst of the trip. We paid about $10 all up for the two of us.

Litsa and I then went to get some more supplies from Bintang for the afternoon, as we had planned to spend it around the pool, swimming and drinking etc.... Those plans changed a bit  :)

I went up the alley to the main road, jumped over the road into Jasmin Spa. Litsa wanted to share the whole ear candle experience, so she went off to a room to have her ear wax melted and sucked, and I went into a room, stripped off my shirt and lay back for a FACIAL !  Yup... WOW... a facial. Last time I had one of these it cost me over $120 in a resort on the Sunshine Coast on my honeymoon with a previous wife. This one cost me $14 and was just as good. Fair dinkum, at the end, I felt 10 years younger. I would have loved to get a photo of what I looked like with the mud mask on LOL.

Litsa and Karen had booked Botox at Dr Made Ita in Seminyak, the website is  Apparently.... and like I would know or be able to find out... Its 30% cheaper here to have botulism injected into your face than at home. Off they headed, leaving Scotty and I to go across the road to Zushiya japanese for lunch. The others had all headed off on bikes to do various other stuff, shopping, organise tattoos etc etc.

I will give Zushiya a thorough review on Tripadvisor later, but in short it was great food. Not your usual Japanese. Japanese food is pretty at the best of times, but the chef here is a step above in his craft. Some great taste sensations. Well worth it. Scotty and I shared quite a few plates and had a couple of $1.90 Bintangs as well for a total of $18 a head. Highly reccomended.

The girls got home after having needles in their faces, looking slightly bruised and puffy, with strict instructions not to go into the pool for 6 hours. DAMN !  There goes the fun stuff this afternoon. A few of the girls took off shopping and I hung around the villa sipping on Mix Max’s and catching up on emails.

The Villa staff had been working as a 5 person team pretty much from lunchtime to prepare us a feast for dinner. It worked out at around $15 a head, and again, was the best Indo food we have had all trip. Thats 2 for 2 for staff prepared meals blowing us away. I’ve never been a fan of the advertisments at Villas suggesting you get the staff to cook. But, I’d definetely do that again for sure. We have enough left over for lunch too.

The call after dinner was KUTA to go see some clubs and have a drink. UGH... big mistake. We got there, went and looked at the memorial, paid our respects, had 2 drinks in some dives and then caught a cab BACK towards home.

This year, the place didnt have a good buzz. There were way more Gen Y’s hanging around than last year. The music coming out of the clubs was a lot more RnB, and not so much dance. There wasnt the “free shots’ on the doors of the clubs we liked. And all in all, we all felt we didnt like being there. 

So... we ended up at the drag queen clubs in Drupadi !   LOL

So much fun, too many drinks, and we danced and danced !

I feel ordinary this morning.  This is our last full day, so lots to do, lots of stuff to get pickup etc.

I am going to cherish every minute of the next 24 hours.

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