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Bali June 2013 - Day 7 HNR - The rest day was not so restful.....

Bali June 2013 - Day 7 HNR - The rest day was not so restful.....

Awake a little later today, with a trickle of rain as I wandered outside. I am sure this will burn off though and be a lovely Bali day. 

The plan, for Sunday is to stay in and enjoy the villa, and have a drink and “hang out’.

Scotty made everyone else omelettes for breakfast, I stuck with a piece of toast. 

The rest of the morning we sat around the pool and had a couple of beers. This villa is just magic to be in. KAMPUNG means “village’ in Balinese, and its certainly standing by that name. We are having such a great time, just being here with our mates. Sometimes, you take a risk with so many people, but we have a great group of really good mates here. 

We were running out of mixers and snacks etc, so Hugo and and I hopped onto the scooters an set off to Bintang Supermarket. We spent just over a Million on bits and pieces, and also some more breakfast supplies. I was hoping that they might deliver the 2 big boxes and bag of ice for us to the villa, but no luck. For your reference, they will deliver anywhere in Seminyak as long as you spend 1.5 Million Rupiah. Now. 2 guys, 2 scooters, 2 big boxes and a bag of ice...hmmmmmmm  NAH !  Not going to work. So we had carried the stuff back to the Villa, and then walked back to get the Scooters a little later.

I decided to go and get some fuel for the Moped, and there is a small warung tucked way down the back of the alleys. The guy put 2 litres in, for a cost of about AUS$1, and I headed back to the villa. I got a little sidetracked and went on a bit of a jaunt around the area behind the Villa. There are literally hundreds of Villas here, all connected by a series of laneways just wide enough to get a car down. I could see Villa signs for places I had researched this year and last. 

Mick then suggested we hop onto the Scooters and head down Double 6 to a Warung for lunch. Warung Murah is close to the beach end of the right hand side, just after the turn into Padma Utara. Lunch for Litsa and I was $8.60 inc food, a coke and a Bintang ($2). Nicely prepared curries and Indo dishes, in big serves. This was our initiation into Warung food, and it was impressive. The chicken skewers were also a winner with everyone. This place was busy, and I see why. This is the ‘cheap’ Bali that everyone raves about, and to this point, I have generally avoided. Silly me !

We also wanted to get to Merry leather to get that stuff made again... They don’t open Sundays. A quick trip to Miss Debbies, and there was us and one other bunch of Aussies there.. WOW.. it was DEAD. Miss Debbie was so nice as usual though, and Litsa and I managed to spend about AUS$90 on stuff. I got a couple of T-Shirts for 45,000 rupiah each too. Happy days.

Miss Debbies

Back at the Villa, Sunday session was briefly interupted by 4 of the party having a massage on the daybed. I was not allowed to be rowdy, and had to quietly sit on the lawn forcibly listening to Enya on the sound system. I kept myself amused by drinking my duty free bourbon for an hour. You can fit a few in if you try hard...... fact

The rest of the afternoon is a blur. Usually we would have gone out to a beach front bar, Potato Head, Ku De Ta or similar, but with the BFC in full swing (Thats my own personal Bali Financial Crisis), we had a much better time hanging in the Villa. We laughed so much, that we were crying. Tears of joy of course.

We pretty much partied till Jodie arrived around 9pm. She had read my blogs, and as we had somewhere to squeeze her in, she spontaneously booked tickets 2 days ago and headed over to join us. So now.. we are a party of 9.

OH.. We also tried ordering Macdonalds onlione again. Yeah right. We got confirmation, gave the correct address and it never showed up. Mick ended up driving his scooter to the one on Sunset to go get some, ordered, then realised he didnt have enough cash, so a delivery driver followed him home WITH our Maccas and delivered it for us anyways LOL.
For your info..... 402,000 Rupiah buys a LOT of Macdonalds here !

I went to bed around 10pm, feeling a little less fitter than when I woke up. 

What a day !

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