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Bali June 2013 - Day 11 - Our last full day of fun.

Bali June 2013 - Day 11 - Our last full day of fun.

And so it came to pass, that the trip must draw to a close.

This will be my last missive on our holiday, as today is all about packing, running around collecting leather jackets, checking out of the villa and hanging around waiting to get taken to the airport to go home.

What a trip !  What an amazing holiday.

Anyhoo... The last day.

Toast and marmalade at the villa this morning. The plan was to go get our glasses from Wina Optical and then just wander around until we had to go to Merry Leather to go get Litsas jacket.

We took off as a group in 2 taxis to Supernova in Kuta. The traffic was horrendous this morning. I keep saying that Bali is quiet. I mean the shops are empty, the restaurants devoid of customers, but the roads - they are still mayhem. It took close to 45 mins to get to Wina Optical. There were 4 of us to collect glasses today, and there were already a couple of customers being looked after. I have heard rave reviews of this business on Tripadvisor, and from mates who have travelled to Bali, but I must warn you, you really need to be careful. Sure, the prices are cheap, but then again, the quality can be too. I had chosen 2 pairs of prescriptio sunnies and a pair of normal prescription glasses. I stupidly had not taken photos of the frames I had chosen, and as we were all in a rush, I simply slipped the glasses on, checked the vision, and paid. Karin’s glasss were still not even ready, and she had to wait another 45 mins whilst Hendri worked on them. When I got back to the Villa later, I noticed that the ‘RAYBANS’ I had chosen as a frame for one pair of sunnies, was not Rayban branded anymore, in fact they were quite markedly different in the frame. Also, the clear glasses frames, whilst similar to the ones I chose, were not identical, and were even a slightly different colour. Sure, caveat emptor, and I should have checked more closely at the shop, but lets be honest, even if I had noticed the problem, there is little chance it could be rectified before we fly out today right ? I personally believe that the guy is a victim of his own success. When you become as popular as he is, quality will ultimately suffer.

Back to Bagus Watches and I managed to find myself a shiny new watch. Litsa also purchased a black version of the same watch she bought last week. Success at last.

Kuta Beach

We then split into groups, and Litsa and I wandered South into Kuta proper along the beach and through Discovery Mall. We’ve never been down this part of town, and it was interesting putting names to places I’d only ever read about on Tripadvisor. The walk around that part of town has convinced me once again that I am a Seminyak boy through and through. 

Litsa and I then hopped into a cab and headed back to JL Padma to Mozarellas. This is another place we missed out on last year, as it was always busy, or we were not close by at meal times. I’d read a lot about the place in regards to value and quality. Litsa ordered a salmon steak with vegetables and her words were “ AMAZING” .. She even went so far as to say its the best meal of the trip for her. I ordered crispy chicken, with fries and salad. It was drier than an old boot, flavourless, and probably the worst meal of the trip. Look, the menu is extensive, and there are some awesome looking meals, but just be careful in your choice. The Bintangs were also over $2, so I wont say the place is cheap either :)

Mozarella on JL Padma

The rest of the day we all just stayed at the Villa around the pool. We even went and bought some Californian Sauv Blanc at $26 a bottle from the Seminyak Wine shop next to Bintang. We also tried to finish off the Duty Free, which we gave a big nudge. We managed to almost finish off the rest of the food from the previous evening as well. 

I went to bed a bit blurry for my final nights sleep in Villa Kampung. 

And that ladies and gents is it............ this will be the last time I update the travel blog, and within a few days of getting back I will upload all of this to the blogger site and add some pictures to each days shennanigans. When thats done, I’ll post and let everyone know. I will also update Tripadvisor with reviews on restaurants and the villa etc.

See you all in 2014 ?    WE HOPE SO !

Our Favourite Photo from Seminyak Beach at Sunset

Bye Bye from Wayne and Litsa  :)

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